Our Story

My name is Nour and I started selling Baklava informally towards the end of college in 2019, and I now run the company alongside my mom in Colorado!

Our company started out of nostalgia for our home country, Libya, and the family recipes we share have a special place in our hearts.

Our hope is to make your treasured moments more special with our rich & delicious Libyan treats

Nour, Co-Founder


Oea Bakery is named after the ancient Phoenician city, Oea, which covers part of modern day Tripoli, Libya.

Our vision for this company is to not only share our ingredient rich Libyan Baklava, but also to share our complex Libyan culture and heritage.

It is through the many civilizations and peoples that inhabited Libya throughout thousands of years that brought about this heavenly dessert into existence.

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Inside our kitchen

Our baking process