Oea Baklava Guide

Classic Libyan

Almond Baklava

Characterized by its diamond shape, our almond baklava is the classic baklava recipe in our home country, Libya.

What makes this recipe unique from other flavors (and other countries) is its rose-infused almond filling, which is sourced from North Africa and the Mediterranean region.

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Hazelnut Baklava

We like to call this flavor the Ferrero Rocher of baklava.

The hazelnut pairs beautifully with the smooth honey and crispy, buttery fillo. This flavor will complement your favorite coffee and espresso drinks.

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Pistachio Baklava

With our pistachios sourced from California or Turkey, this flavor is certainly a fan-favorite.

This flavor is often found in the bustling cafes of Turkey. To combine our Libyan recipe with this Turkish flavor favorite, we replace sugar syrup with natural honey.

We recommend pairing the rich pistachio flavors with a light green mint tea.

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Thanksgiving inspired

Pecan Baklava

This flavor was inspired by the fall season and the American holiday of Thanksgiving!

Not a traditional flavor but a treasure for those who love fall treats year-round.

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Walnut Baklava

A timeless, classic flavor for those acquainted with Greek baklava.

A safe flavor to choose for those you treasure most.

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