The Treasures of The Libyan East

Derna, a Libyan treasure in the valleys of the Green Mountain, where the gentle breeze carries the smell of jasmines and the Mediterranean Sea. 

This magical city is so serene, where its turquoise water is crystal clear and its fruits are so sweet.

During the day, you'll find kind faces selling fresh fruits, accompanied by majestic birds on the narrow, mountainous roads.

However, don't get carried away enjoying its fine fruits, you might miss its pure springs that await your pursuit. 

But wait, don't forget to make a cup of tea from the gentle stream that pours into the sea.   

And on your way down to the sandy beach, remember to wander into its ancient streets. 

Be careful though, you might be captured by its charm and never want to leave its loving arms.

If you must leave, pay a visit to the ancient city of Cyrene, and don't forget to stop by its beaches in its East. 

And don't get confused by the lush greens, where cows graze freely on its fields.  

Winding into the Mediterranean forest, the magnificent Greek structures will leave you astonished. 

The sweet city of Derna is now a memory not famed, but its beauty will live on until one day it is reclaimed. 


*Images photographed by Sanad Alahlafi & Ahmeda Al-Gat'any