5 Unusual Baklava Nut Fillings

Authentic baklava is usually known to be made with walnut, pistachio, or almond filling. However, did you know you can make baklava with basically any type of nut? We've gathered a couple of unusual ingredients often used but not as widely used: 

1. Peanuts  

Did you know you can use peanuts in your baklava recipe? In fact, in places like Libya it can be common to find this ingredient in your baklava. Almonds is usually the primary nut ingredient; however, peanuts are sometimes used as a cheaper alternative. 

2. Pine nuts  

Something we were personally surprised by was the use of pine nuts in baklava. We have yet to try it; however, this can be a way to spice up your current baklava recipe. 

3. Hazelnut 

A nut that's commonly used in chocolates and in holiday treats; however, did you know you can use hazelnuts in baklava too? This can be the perfect way to combine you hazelnut chocolate cravings with baklava!

4. Cashew  

Another nut we were surprised to see make the list are cashews. This snacking nut is commonly mixed with another nut or enjoyed in baklava on its own 

5. Pecan 

Often a common ingredient for the fall, using pecan in baklava is especially popular in the United States. This is the perfect way to add extra fall vibes to your baklava for your thanksgiving baklava dessert.  

It's amazing to see how each family or region tweaks their baklava recipe in order to really make it their own. We're so excited to experiment with all of these nuts ourselves! Have you tried any usual ingredient in your baklava recipe that we did not mention in this post? If so, feel free to shoot us a message on social media or via email. We would love to experiment with new ingredients that you've tried!